Friday, April 08, 2005


I think most people experience those days where all of the energy (or "mojo") is sucked out of them. Well, this week has most definitely been such a week. I mean that my energy, my drive to do, to create, to release the inner diva/artsy/goddess chick has been pulled from my body. No, not was SUCKED.

Did you ever see that movie, "Spaceballs?" Anyway, it's a Mel Brooks movie, a spoof of "Star Wars." One of the plots in the movie is that this evil Darth Vader-type wants to steal all of the sweet oxygen from this planet, Druidia. He tries to accomplish this with his space ship. The Death Star-type ship actually transforms to become a maid! With a vacuum! And she proceeds to SUCK all the oxygen from the planet! (It's quite insane, actually.) Anyway-my point. I feel like Druidia. I feel like some gigantic spaceship maid with a vacuum has come along and sucked out all my "mojo" this week.

It kinda hurt. ouch.

(Where did this whiny rant come from? My students have all been on the receiving end of the Spring Fever bug, and they are crawling the walls! I still have seven weeks with these creatures! And I have to get them to actively learn! ACK!)

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