Saturday, April 23, 2005

Atmosphere and Creative Space

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I'm taking a page from Penelope's book (and the I-Fri message boards), and sharing with you my home studio. It's actually the guest room/office/studio- but who's counting? I love this room. I was given absolute freedom in it's creation and design. It's definitely my room.
Last summer, as I was stripping the wallpaper, sanding the plaster and taping the baseboards, I kept thinking, "It'll look great, it'll be peaceful. You'll create SO much!"
The thought that we may move has me somewhat panicked. I haven't completed it. What about the painting I was going to do on one of the walls? The inspirational quotes? What about all the great light I get in here? What about the neat cubby space? What about the sheer amount of lovely color? What if I can't get that in my new home? What if it has no cubbies or great wall space, or a great view? What if???
Since I can't entirely control the nature of the next room that may become my studio, I've decided to be very zen about the whole situation. If it comes down to it, I'll simply paint that room the same lovely shade of blue-green that I have here. I still have the original paint strip! (Glidden brand, by the way: cheap and pretty!)
Anyway, here you go. I think I'm extremely lucky to be able to have a space like this devoted to my inner passion. I hope everyone is fortunate enough to have a space carved out just for that purpose.

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