Monday, February 14, 2005

Choclate Shmocalate

true lurrrrvvv...(a la Bridget Jones)

Do you see this pizza? THIS is a symbol of LURRRVV, people! Yes, I am aware of the fact that it is Valentine's Day- possibly the most heinously commercialized holiday of the year. (ahem-Christmas) HOWEVER, I have once again, not been met with disappointment. Here's a rundown:

List of things to do in order to please wifey:
1. Send flowers to work- a beautiful, fragrant bouqet that just happens to match her outfit that day--->two days in advance of Valentine's. Keeps her in good mood and smiling her fool head off.
2. Strategically place (the morning of V-Day) a sweet, humourous card expounding all of the wonderful features of wifey where she will surely find it on her way out the door to work. Once again, ensuring a smiling, happy lady.
3. Next to said strategically placed card, sit precious-faced squishy puppy doll with heart around it's neck and card that reads:
To: Mom
From: The Puppies
ensuring a giggle escapes the lips of wifey, raising the happiness bar a notch.
4. Suggest that instead of dealing with the "normal" V-Day dinner hassle, you and the wifey choose to dine at a place that offers an endless supply of wifey's favorite food: PIZZA.
5. Cuddle with wifey on marshmallow-like couch in favorite pair of pajamas and suggest to wifey that she is the most scrumptious delectable to ever grace the planet.

My pores are oozing happiness, I am so content. I don't usually blabber on this site too much, just choosing to exercise my doodles. However, I felt I must brag somewhere. I am well-loved. Not just by my family, but by this wonderful man. A man who, despite watching me eat more than I know is good for me; keeps his lips sealed- even while I groan in misery after the fact.

Life is good.

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