Thursday, August 11, 2005

The picture says it all. Well, not really....

I'm Baaaack! After a brief hiatus, my internet connection has been restored. (THANK GOODNESS!) We are in the process of "settling in" to our new house. If any of you have moved, you know that means we have the essentials out and the rest of our belongings remain strewn about the house in boxes. Walking around here is like walking around a cardboard maze. Really, we're making progress!
On the home-for-sale-front: we sold our house! We close on the first of September and that will be the last of it-hopefully. I mean, the house would have been sold by now, but the first buyers we had backed out. Apparently they freaked out about something that is a minor repair. Well, who needs 'em? The new buyers seem more invested in the house anyway.
I began orientation and before-school preparation last week. That has probably been the most stressful part of all this: settling into a new school, with new people. You don't really know how you fit in, ya know? Fortunately, most everyone has been very welcoming and both neighbors in my hallway are very nice. They're also very laid back and fun. This will make it SO much easier to work with them.
Last week I was by myself (as my husband had to return to Houston for his last weekof work. You can't just leave in the middle of a shuttle launch!) unpacking and such. It was pret-ty lonely. No cable, no internet and no phone. You'd think that I'd be doing all kinds of artsy stuff with all the "free time" I had been blessed with. Didn't happen. I watched a lot of Sesame Street (only thing that came through clearly on television!) and focused on unpacking as much as I could. You never realized how much you have...ugh!
Sadly, I've missed a few I-Fri topics due to the move. I am crossing my fingers that next week's crazy schedule (students return!) won't prevent me from posting a nice rendering of something- anything.
*sigh* I've missed ya'll so much! Glad to be back. Don't be a stranger.


  1. Welcome back! And cheers to getting settled (at home and work)!

    Slowly but surely the boxes are disappearing here. We never bothered to have the packing company come back for them, so they've been cluttering our garage.

  2. hey mrs. schwartzy! so do you like your new house and everything?!? i hope you get cool kids. What grade and subject are you teaching? well..i went to orientation last night and got all my books and schedule. I got athletics, free, (study hall or aid, not sure yet), erwin, ( i was FREAKING out when i saw his name, but forunatley, colette and ericka have him 3rd period too, so that'll be fun to have a mean teacher all together! then goodwin! i made symphonic! so did colette, ericka, janae, rachel wood, pretty much all my close friends so i cant wait!! then curlee, Goodin, and then berry. besides the coaches, choir, and erwin, i dont know any of my teachers. Hopefully they're nice!How was your summer, stressful probably. I was looking forward to back-to-school shopping, but that ended quick! I went to mainland mall, baybrook, jan jacinto, and galleria and i found NO pants that fit!!! i was super upset. I had to get pants that were too big and get them altered. I hate beening a shrimp! oh well, ive gotten alot taller. 5"5!! well....hope your unpacking goes well and you like your new school. Bye!


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